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 Autumn 2014

by Raj Malhotra


More power! “24 hour 7 days a week 365 days a year intercessory prayer.”

God wants prayer...!


At Christian City Church in 1992 (approximately give or take a year) God asked for 24/7 intercessory prayer 365 days a year. This happened at a prayer meting in the West London area.

It has since emerged that God is able to answer prayers if we are persistent for example by asking everyday for up-to 12 years in prayer for healing of cancer or hiv. The difficulty is that God answers prayers on a certain date when he decides with less than two or three days warning giving many people little chance to respond unless there is a greater and more positive media coverage.

This happened on Friday July 9th 2011(2010?) when God said he would heal hiv and cancer in Manchester through Pastor James at Gilbert Deya’s DBN as they broadcast church live from Gilbert Deya’s church in South East London.

This report of his church disagrees with the adverse media coverage which Gilbert Deya has received in the established media. Lazy journalists just follow one bad story with another in order to negate the possibility of healing which requires faith, belief and trust in the ministers in order to persevere. 


Exclusive: God says “Joseph had to go to Egypt”.

Countdown Oh Famine





Speaking through Pastor Guy Miller God said “Joseph had to go to Egypt” during a regular Sunday morning service at Elim Pentecostal church in Watford. This was a few years prior to the millennium e.g. 1996 or 1997.

     A literal interpretation could be that there is possibly a famine coming as perhaps indicated by the movie Hunger Games and God is asking us to literally go to Egypt and get food.

     In other places in the bible Egypt is seen as a place to which the Israelites should not go and it seen as something of a second best such as is watching TV when you could be at a home group in the evening relating and getting on with people. Or doing some of the other things that God generally or often warns against.


Exclusive: God says “Keep away from homosexuality, lead a normal life."


Speaking through a visiting prophet at Christian City Church in Hounslow, West London, at a Sunday morning service in the 90's God said (speaking to me) keep away from homosexuality and lead a normal life. Good advice!!!